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With this Christmas Box you do not only support local entrepreneurs, but also the Nora Werkt foundation. Every product is in here for a reason and on this page we tell you the stories behind some of these items...

Nora Werkt Foundation

The Nora Werkt foundation enables people with a mental impairment to gain work experience. They have carefully packed this Christmas Box for you! Because of this project, the foundation is able to buy a new bus in which Nora and her colleagues can travel safely.

Turn your box into a festive Christmas tree!

Bendemal helps you create the coolest works of art from old cardboard. Watch the tutorial and turn your box into a festive Christmas tree.

Beers from Brewery Frontaal

Due to the corona crisis, the Breda Brewery Frontaal saw 90% of its orders canceled in one day and the brew pub was also closed for five months. The consequence? Entrepreneur Roel Buckens was left with 10,000 liters of juice punch. Thanks to our efforts, the beer was sold within a week. The Christmas package includes our own Winter IPA. Do you recognize Frank and Thibaud on the can?

La Trappe from Adbij Koningshoeven

Our most successful rescue ever was for the monks of the historic Adbij Koningshoeven in Berkel-Enschot. Due to the corona crisis, they had a cheese surplus of 15,000 kilos. Within a few days we sold the entire stock for them. Unfortunately there's no cheese in the Christmas package, but a delicious table bottle of La Trappe from the same Abbey.

Apple juice from farmer Arjan

Farmer Arjan's apple juice is made from apples that have no place in society, for example because they are too small or too large or they have a spot or a well. Fortunately, there is room in our Christmas package and that's why you can enjoy this delicious apple juice!

Super cool Studio Noos shopper

How cool is this? We have our own shopper! Together with Studio Noos we have developed this fancy shopper, perfect for grocery shopping and of course our pick-ups. The bag features pumpkins, flowers and of courseā€¦ wine. All products that we saved. Isn't it beautiful?

"We are helped and that is the work of the Holy Spirit!

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